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Radio 227 - History

Radio 227 officially took to the air  in March 1967 and within two weeks was claiming to have attracted audiences far in excess of the level which its predecessor, Radio Dolfijn, had been able to achieve. Despite this claim the station still did not come anywhere near attracting the level of commercial success in Holland which the well established Radio Veronica experienced and advertising revenue remained low.

With the passage of the British Marine etc. Broadcasting (Offences) Bill through Parliament some tentative arrangements were made by Carstead Advertising on behalf of Radio 227 and Radio 355 to enable both stations to continue broadcasting by moving all operations to Holland and hopefully attract sufficient foreign advertising. However, these plans proved unfruitful and it was decided that continued operation after the introduction of the new British legislation was not a viable proposition - the required volume of international advertising was simply not available.

When the insurance arrangements for the Laissez Faire expired early in July 1967 Radio 227 (and the English language Radio 355) were closed only a matter of weeks before the introduction of the British Marine etc. Broadcasting (Offences) Act.

The station's DJs were told at short notice that their services would no longer be required after 1.00pm on 23rd July 1967 as the final five hours of programmes were already available on tape. Without any ceremony Radio 227 then closed after the end of normal programming at 6.00pm that day.

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Opening programme, March 1967

R227 opening programme June 1967.mp3