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Radio Dolfijn - Technical


50Kw (claimed)

Continental Electronics 317C transmitter (one of two on board Laissez Faire)


160’ (49m) (claimed aerial height 210’ (64m))

There were actually two separate cage or sausage antennas - the 227m (1320kHz) was slung between the main and back mast; the 355m (845kHz) was slung from the main mast to the deck

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2 x turntables

3 x tape machines

1 x Carousel (an automated tape player)

One of the two  identical studios on Laissez Faire

Right: one of the two identical studios on board Laissez  Faire, used by Radio Dolfijn

Transmitters on Laissez Faire

Below: the transmitters on board Laissez Faire

QSL Card

Radio station engineering departments issue QSL cards to verify reception reports received from listeners