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Radio Caroline South - Key Dates (2)

31st January 1966

Cheeta 2 arrived off  Harwich but Radio Caroline South's broadcasts could not restart immediately because the Swedish radio ship was only equipped for FM transmissions

12th February 1966

Test transmissions for Radio Caroline South started from Cheeta 2, but they were only on a very low power. Various items of technical equipment had to be brought from the Mi Amigo in Holland and installed on board the Cheeta 2 to boost her power and eventually regular broadcasting hours were re-introduced.

20th - 26th February 1966

Caroline South off the air due to transmitter problems on Cheeta 2

28th February - 6th March 1966

Caroline South off the air due to further transmitter problems on Cheeta 2

** February 1966

Radio Caroline's management company, Planet Productions Ltd. acquired  the services (and financial investment capital) of a new full time working director, Philip Soloman

25th March 1966

Caroline South again off the air as Cheeta 2 began to take in water.

26th March 1966

Cheeta 2 towed into shipyard at Lowestoft for repairs.

2nd April 1966

With the Cheeta 2 back at her anchorage broadcasts were able to re-start  from Radio Caroline South

5th  April 1966

The Mi Amigo, now fully repaired and with new radio equipment on board, left Holland

7th April 1966

The Mi Amigo arrives off the Essex coast.

17th April 1966

Test transmissions on a new wavelength of 256m  (announced as 259m), started from the Mi Amigo, but within a few hours a short in the aerial mast brought these broadcasts to an abrupt halt

24th April 1966

DJ, Tony Blackburn, climbed the Mi Amigo's mast and removed the rogue wire which had been causing the short circuit.

25th April 1966

Test transmissions resumed, changing to a wavelength of 253m, (announced as 259m) the following day, Meanwhile throughout this period normal Radio Caroline South programmes were still being broadcast from the Cheeta 2.

27th April 1966

The Mi Amigo resumed responsibility  for Caroline South’s regular programming  from 6.00am. Cheeta 2 continued to relay these transmissions and DJ Robbie Dale stayed on board to make announcements asking listeners to re-tune to the new frequency.

1st May 1966

The Cheeta 2's role as home to Caroline South ended  at 11.00am and she was anchored temporarily in the River Stour near Harwich.

** May 1966

The output from Caroline South improved enormously under the guidance of a new Programme Director, Tom Lodge, who had brought down from the Caroline North ship by Ronan O'Rahilly.

30th June 1966

Caroline South’s broadcasting hours extended to 6.00am-2.30am

27th July 1966

The Bill to outlaw offshore broadcasting stations - the Marine etc. Broadcasting (Offences) Bill was introduced into the House of Commons and received its formal First Reading.

** August 1966

Two consultants – Terry Bate and Alan Slaight – engaged to revamp the Caroline Sales organisation and generate more advertising income for the station.

6th August 1966

Caroline South’s broadcasting hours extended again, this time to 24 hours.

** November 1966

Philip Soloman launched the Major Minor record label, which was heavily promoted on both Caroline stations

31st January 1966 U.S. planes resumed bombing of North Vietnam after a 37-day pause.

3rd February 1966 The Soviet probe Luna 9 became the first manmade object to make a soft landing on the moon.

4th March 1966 North Sea Gas was first pumped ashore by British Petroleum (BP)

27th March 1966 Anti-Vietnam war demonstrations took place in US, Europe and Australia.

31st March 1966 Labour Party won the British parliamentary election.

12th April 1966

First  B-52 bombing on North Vietnam took place.

16th April 1966 Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith broke diplomatic relations with Britain.

1st May 1966

The last British concert by The Beatles was performed at the Empire Pool, Wembley.

21st May 1966

In Northern Ireland the Ulster Volunteer Force  (UVF) declared war against the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and its splinter groups.

2nd June 1966

The U.S. space probe Surveyor 1 landed on the moon in Oceanus Procellarum and began transmitting detailed photographs of the lunar surface.

30th July 1966

US air planes bombed the demilitarised zone in Vietnam..

8th November 1966 Ronald Reagan is elected Governor of California.

Caroline South test broadcast from the Cheeta 2

Caroline South testing on 259 and link up with Cheeta.mp3

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