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(sometimes known as Cheeta Mercur)

Formerly: The Flying Englishman

Built: 1900

Weight: 107 tons

Length: 81’ (24.7m)

Other offshore radio use:-

Cheeta was used by Radio Mercur and Skanes Radio Mercur until being purchased by Britt Wadner, Sales Manager of Skanes Radio Mercur, in March 1962 to transmit programmes of her new offshore station, Radio Syd until September 1964.

Cheeta 2

Formerly: Moskene, Habat

Built: 1924

Weight: 450tons

Length: 147’ (45m)

Other offshore radio use:-

Previously used by Radio Mercur and Skanes Radio Mercur.

In January 1966 Cheeta 2 left Baltic waters due to the danger of heavy pack ice causing damage to her hull. The ship was loaned to British offshore station Radio Caroline South between January and April 1966 while that station’s vessel, Mi Amigo, was undergoing repairs after running aground.

Cheeta and Cheeta 2, (when used by Radio Syd) were anchored in international waters off Malmo, Sweden, North East of the island of Saltholm

55, 39.9 North  12, 32.6 East

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