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Above:  aerial mast on board Cheeta

Radio Syd - Technical

Right and below:

3 views of the Malmo recording studio, with Britt Wadner

Above and right:  the studio and control room on board Cheeta 2

Above: transmitter on board Cheeta


FM Transmitter on board Cheeta 2

Transmitter on Cheeta Transmitter on Cheeta 2



Cheeta - 1.5kw  (ERP 20kW from a directional aerial) home built transmitter

Cheeta 2 - 21kw  Siemans transmitter

Aerial Heights

Cheeta - 98’ (30m) approx

Cheeta 2 -

TV Aerial mast 90’ (27.4m)


Technical equipment on board the original Cheeta was relatively primitive and

largely home built by William Petersen, a bicycle mechanic and amateur radio enthusiast.

He built the original FM transmitter, largely from an old taxi radio, as well as the

antenna installed on board the ship.

Cheeta 2 had more sophisticated, Siemens professional equipment on board, including 4 reel to reel Lyrec tape recorders and a mixer to play back pre-recorded programmes.

Later when facilities were built on board for live programming they were equipped with 4 Garrard turntables (2 in the studio and 2 in the control room) with Ortofon Pick ups on a special arm, which kept the pick-up in the track even in windy conditions.

Landbased studios in Malmo were equipped with Ampex, Lyrec and Movic tape recorders; Garrard turntables with Ortofon Pick Ups; Neumann, Sennheiser, Pearl and Bauer Microphones.

studio on Cheeta 2 Studio on Cheeta 2

Photos: Ingemar Lindqvist

QSL Cards

Radio station engineering departments issue QSL cards to verify reception reports received from listeners


Another view of the Malmo recording studio, with Ragnar Landerholm and K G Alfie

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