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Radio London - Key Dates (2)


** May 1967

Three transmitter valves delivered to the Galaxy, so that, from a technical point of view, Radio London would be able to continue broadcasting for anything up to six years. The station also set up an office in Holland.

14th July 1967

The Marine etc. Broadcasting (Offences) Act receives the Royal Assent and will come into effect on 15th August 1967.

28th July 1967

Radio London listeners were told in a dramatic announcement that, contrary to previous statements, the station would not continue broadcasting after 15th August 1967

14th August 1967

Radio London closes at 3.00pm

19th August 1967

After remaining silently at anchor for five days the Galaxy raised her anchor and sailed to Hamburg, Germany.

27th May 1967 Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser postpones his military attack on Israel.

30th July 1967 General William Westmoreland claims both that he is winning the war in Vietnam and needs more troops.

15th August 1967 Syrian and Israeli troops clash for three hours on their border at the Sea of Galilee, otherwise known as Lake Genesaret.

Radio London announces its impending closure

R London announcing its closure after MoA passed.mp3

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