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Radio Hauraki - Technical


An old 500 watt US Navy wartime Westinghouse TBL 13 transmitter re-built by Denis O’Callaghan -output after rebuilding approx. 1.75Kw

(transferred to Tiri II after  Tiri shipwrecked)



Over 100' (30.4m)of mast was erected, which together with a 30' (9m)telescopic aerial

(collapsed during a storm 2nd December 1966)

A spare 50' (15.2m)section of the original structure with a 20' (6m) whip aerial

(from 4th December 1966)

A 70'(21.3m) telescopic extension was placed  on top of the Tiri's 50'(15.2m) lattice mast

(from January 1967)

Tiri II

160' (48.7m) aerial mast

(February – April 1968 – destroyed during a storm)

50’ (15.2m)  aerial mast recovered from Tiri installed

(April 1968, damaged during a storm, June 1968)

130' (39.6m)aerial mast

(installed June 1968)

On-board studio Radio Hauraki transmitter


Two views of the on board studio

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Radio Hauraki’s transmitter