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Radio Monique - Key Dates




1st April 1987

A new programme schedule was introduced

15th November 1987

There was a change in frequency for Radio Monique, brought about following the increase in power during September of the Finnish station, Radio Yleis also using 963kHz

24th November 1987

Radio Monique closed as normal but later that evening the Ross Revenge's 300' aerial tower collapsed. Radio Monique never returned to the air from the Ross Revenge.


30th January 1986

Radio Monique off the air as the Ross Revenge drifts inside British territorial  waters

2nd February  1986

Radio Monique programmes recommenced at 9.00am

23rd August 1986

A poll published in Holland showed that 25% of the Dutch population listened to Radio Monique at some time

November and

December 1986  

Frequent transmitter and generator breakdowns cause Radio Monique to go off the air for various periods

21st November 1986

The Radio Monique organisation signed an agreement with the same tender company used by the new owners of the Laser ship, Communicator (which was now back at sea) so that both ships could be supplied on the one trip from Europe

15th December 1984

Radio Monique makes its first test broadcast on 963 Khz / 312 metres (announced as 319 Metres) from the Radio Caroline ship, Ross Revenge.

16th December 1984

Radio Monique begins regular  broadcasts

6th January 1985

In Force 10 gales, the Ross Revenge dragged her anchor for about two miles and transmissions had to be terminated

11th January 1985

Regular programmes on Radio Monique resumed at 11.00am.

** June 1985

A Dutch public opinion poll showed that 25% of people had heard of Radio Monique while 11%  - about one and a quarter million people - claimed to listen to the station regularly

9th August 1985

British authorities begin a surveillance operation around the Ross Revenge (and the Laser ship, Communicator) this results in serious tendering and supply difficulties. As a consequence of these disruptions to its regular service Radio Monique quickly lost listeners and many advertisers failed to renew or enter into new contracts.

19th December 1984

Britain and China signed an accord to return Hong Kong to Chinese sovereignty on 1st July 1997.

20th January 1985 US President Ronald Reagan and Vice-President George Bush were sworn in for second terms of office.

22nd August 1985

A fire broke out on board a British Airtours charter jet at Manchester Airport, killing 55 people.

28th January 1986 Seventy-three seconds after launch, NASA's Space Shuttle Challenger disintegrates, killing its crew of seven.

25th November 1986

The US  Congress declared Iran a terrorist nation and outlawed the sale of arms to the Iranian government.

24th November 1987  

The United States and the Soviet Union agreed to scrap shorter and medium range missiles in the first treaty to eliminate an entire class of nuclear weapons.

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