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Typical Radio Monique Programme Schedule -

January 1975

5.00am      Ron West (including a 30 minute religious programme                   from Johan Maasbach)

7.00am      Ad Roberts

9.00am      Maarten de Jong

10.00am    Johan Visser

12 noon     Frits Koning

2.00pm      Ad Roberts

4.00pm      Johan Visser

6.00pm      Avondblad (Summary of the days news, with editorial                   comment and details of the evening  television                   programme listings provided by  Tros Kompas                   magazine)

7.00pm      Closedown

Typical Radio Monique Programme Schedule -

Spring/Summer 1985

4.00am      Drie om Drie in de Ochtend (3 for 3 in the morning)                   (Otto de Winter)

5.30am      Johan Maasbach (gospel songs and preachings)                    (taped)

6.00am      Opstaan met Monique (Wake up with Monique)

8.00am      Drie om Drie Benelux (Dutch/Belgian records)

9.00am      Frits Koning Show or Walter Simons show

11.00am    Berk in Uitvoering (This is Berk) (Tony Berk )(taped)

12 noon      Ron West Show

2.00pm      Drie om Drie in de Mittag (3 for 3 in the afternoon)

3.00pm      Maarten de Jong Show or Nico Stevens Show

5.00pm      Radio Avondblad (Radio Evening Magazine) (music                   and   information) (Walter Simons)

6.00pm      Closedown

(the Drie om Drie shows consisted of three records broadcast  consecutively without interruption from the DJ)

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