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Radio Paradijs - Key Dates


25th February 1981

Lieve forced to sail from Cuxhaven after German authorities become suspicious about the ship. She is damaged during a storm and has to put into Southampton for repairs.

11th March 1981

Lieve arrives in Dublin, Ireland to be converted into a radio ship

** July 1981

Transmitters arrive from USA and are installed on board the Lieve

15th July 1981

The ship left Ireland hurriedly because press reports were about to be published revealing her location and true purpose. Only five hours into the voyage the ship encountered storms and the top 120' of the hastily erected aerial mast, which had not been fully stayed, came down

20th July 1981

Lieve (now renamed Magda Maria) anchors five miles from the former REM Island (home of Radio Noordzee/ TV Noordzee in 1964)  off Noordwijk, Holland  

26th July 1981

First test transmissions for Radio Paradijs made from Lieve

29th July 1981

An aerial photograph of the new radio ship published in the Dutch daily newspaper De Telegraaf concerned and disturbed the authorities leading to the Dutch Minister of Telecommunications ordering  a police and Navy raid on the radio station's vessel

1st August 1981

Magda Maria, raided at 5.30am by Dutch police and marines. The Magda Maria was then towed into port and searched by the Navy who later moved her to Amsterdam, where the radio equipment was removed and put into storage.

24th August 1981

An Amsterdam Court was asked to decide whether the owners of the Magda Maria could have the radio ship returned to them

3rd September 1981

Judgement was supposed to be given but, the Court had decided that the matter would have to be referred on to the High Court

17th September 1981

In a hearing before the High Court the Dutch Government accept that they had been wrong to seize the ship and agree that the Magda Maria was free to leave port with all her equipment still on board, except for the transmitter crystals

** September 1981

The vessel's owners decided, on legal advice, not to move the ship but to seek a further Court hearing for repossession of the transmitter crystals


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** April 1980

Plans for a new offshore radio station were put together by some people who had been involved in the Dutch side of Radio Caroline, whose ship MV Mi Amigo had sunk in March 1980

31st May 1980

MV Lieve, which had been purchased by Radio Paradijs, sails to Cuxhaven, Germany to be fitted out as a radio ship.


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