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Despite opposition to the Marine Offences Bill both in  Parliament and (belatedly) from campaign groups the legislation was passed and came into force on 15th August 1967.

The fort-based stations (BBMS, Radio City and Radio 390) had already been closed as the result of successful prosecutions under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949. Although in the case of Radio 390 the station had managed to stay on the air until 28th July due to a series of appeals against their prosecution.

The ship-based stations were the ones directly affected by the introduction of the Marine etc Broadcasting (Offences) Act. Despite early announcements of defiance all but one of the ship-based stations closed ahead of the Act’s implementation.

At midnight on 31st August 1967 (when the MOA became effective in the Isle of Man) Caroline North also continued broadcasting in defiance of the new legislation.

special exhibition R355 closedown Tony Windsor.mp3

Radio 355 closing

Radio London closedown 14 August 1967.mp3

Radio London closing

R 270 closedown 14.08.67 12 midnight.mp3

Radio 270 closing

Radio Scotland closedown Tommy Shields.mp3

Radio Scotland closing

RCS midnight 14 August 1967 Johnnie Walker - Caroline continues.mp3

Radio Caroline South defying the new law

Caroline North going illegal.mp3

Radio Caroline North defying the new law

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The British Government published this advertisement in newspapers (both in Britain and abroad) to try and discourage anyone from assisting an offshore radio station after the MOA became effective on 15th August 1967.

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