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The offshore stations broadcast various promos either for the Campaign Groups, or more generally encouraging listeners to write to their MP to protest against the planned legislation.

Here is a representative sample of such promos - there were others, but these examples give a flavour of what was broadcast.

                   RADIO 270                                                      RADIO CAROLINE

A ‘commercial’ for Broadside Free Radio Movement                     Anti MOA Promo (1)

             A ‘Free Radio’ Announcement                                               Anti MOA Promo (2)  

              Support Free Radio promo                                 Broadside Free Radio Movement Petition promo

                                                                                                   Anti- MOA Announcements

                RADIO LONDON

                      Anti - MOA  promo

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commercial - Broadside Free Radio Movement.mp3 Free radio announcement.mp3 R 270 support free radio promo.mp3 Anti MoA promo - July 1967.mp3 Anti MoA promo - Mike Ahearn.mp3 Broadside Free Radio Movement petition promo.mp3 RCS Anti MoA announcement (2) 1967.mp3 RCS Anti MoA announcement 1967.mp3 r london anti MOA promo.mp3



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