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Former Name(s)

Centricity (1955)

Demi (1977)


Former grain carrier


225’ (68.6m)


655 tons


1955 at Walsend on the River Tyne, England

Flag state(s)


Stations Housed

Radio Mi Amigo 272

(25th June - 12th September 1979)

Ultimate fate

Scrapped October 1979


Magdalena Magdalena being scrapped

The Magdelana being scrapped, October 1979

(photo Hans Knot)

When the Magdalena went aground on a sandbank inside Dutch territorial waters in September 1979 police arrested the vessel and, although starting to sink, towed her into Stellendam. A few days later, on 24th September 1979 the Magdelana was moved to Willemstad, near Rotterdam, where police ordered her to be scrapped immediately.

The Magdelana was taken first to De Val Harbour near Zierikzee, Holland and later to the Heuvelman Steel Company at ‘s-Gravendeel, Holland. On 26th September 1979 the vessel was acquired by the Van de Marel scrapyard, near Ouwerkerk, Holland and the following month she was scrapped.

There is a controversy about the role played by the Dutch authorities in the disposal of the Magdelana and a prolonged legal battle went on for over ten years about responsibility for the salvage fee.


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