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Former Name(s)



Hoheweg (1957)

Corunna (for two months in 1980)

Lieve (1980)


Former coaster


170’ (51.8m)


620 tons


1957 in Luuhring in Brake, Bremen, Germany

Flag state(s)


Stations Housed

Radio Paradijs

(24th - 31st July 1981)

Ultimate fate

Scrapped in 1989 after a prolonged legal battle.

Magda Maria (Lieve)

Magda Maria (Lieve) Leive before conversion

Above: the Magda Maria being towed into port after being boarded by Dutch authorities, August 1981

Magda maria being towed into port by police

After being boarded by Dutch authorities on 1st August 1981 the Magda Maria  was found to have out of date registration papers and no qualified captain aboard. She was seized and  towed to Ijmuiden by the Dutch Navy frigate Jaguar. Later the vessel was moved to Amsterdam Europort and the owners lodged an appeal alleging that the vessel had been illegally boarded and seized whilst anchored in international waters.

A prolonged series of court hearings took place, finally resulting in a ruling in 1983 that the authorities had indeed acted unlawfully when they seized the Magda Maria.

However, it was not until 29th May 1986 that a Dutch court ordered that the ship must be returned to her owners.

During her detention the ship had deteriorated significantly and in March 1989 she was towed to Zeebrugge Harbour, Belgium before being taken to the De Brugse Scheepssioperij-Denolf Recycling NV Scrapyard in Brugge, Belgium where she was finally scrapped.


Above: Lieve before being converted to the radio ship Magda Maria

The Hoheweg was built during 1957 at Luhring in Brake, near Bremen, Germany and made her maiden voyage on 2nd October 1957 - she was then owned by Ludwig Ras of Bremen.

In December 1979 the Hoheweg sailed for the last time for Ludwig Ras. The ship had been re-registered in Panama and renamed MV Lieve by the company Panlieve SA. Radio Paradijs purchased the MV Lieve with the help of Baremar Shipping Company of Spijkenisse, near Rotterdam and the Chielimsky Shipping Company of Rotterdam.

The ship was renamed Corunna for a period of two months in 1980 when conversion work was about to start for her new role as a radio ship.

In 1981, with uncertainty prevailing about the actual status of the ship's registration, she was renamed  again as Magda Maria and re-registered in Panama.


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