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Voice of Peace TV

With the enormous success of the offshore radio station, the Voice of Peace off Israel, plans were first formulated in the autumn of 1976 by the station’s owner, Abie Nathan, to launch an offshore television station from the MV Peace.

These plans were later abandoned, however, for fear that the Israeli Government would take action to close both the radio and television services. As with many other governments, particularly in Europe, the Israelis appeared  willing to tolerate an offshore radio station, but felt very differently about the prospect of an offshore television station.

By late 1980 tentative plans were reactivated  for Voice of Peace TV to start transmissions from the MV Peace on 1st January 1981. Abie Nathan optimistically announced that once the television station had opened  the Shalom Peace Foundation would be in a position (from increased advertising revenue) to donate 40 million Israeli pounds to charitable causes.

Weekday rates for the television station were to be £23 for 60 seconds, £11.50 for 30 seconds, while on Saturdays (Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath) rates would be £32.50 for 60 seconds and £16.25 for 30 seconds. Advertisers who bought airtime on  Saturdays only would be charged a premium rate of  £24.50 for 30 seconds.

However, nothing ever came of the planned television service which seemed to flounder for technical and financial reasons, as well as the ever present threat of government legislation being introduced to outlaw offshore broadcasting.

The issue of offshore television was to come to the fore again in Israel in 1981 with the arrival of Odelia TV, but Abie Nathan and the Voice of Peace were not involved in any way.

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MV Peace, home to the Voice of Peace radio station and - potentially - Voice of Peace TV

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