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Radio 390 - Programmes

Typical Radio 390 Programme Schedule - 1965


6.30am       Bright and Early

7.00am       Morning Melody

7.50am       Revive Your Heart

8.00am       Morning Melody

9.00am       Stars on Disc

9.30am       Light and Bright

10.15am     Masters of the Organ

10.35am     Pause for Prayer

10.45am     Keyboard Cavalcade

11.00am     LP Special

11.15am     Dr. Paul (Australian soap)

11.30am     Music From the Shows

12 noon      Lunchbreak

1.00pm       From Me to You

2.00pm       Playtime (children's programme)

2.10pm       Moonmice (children's programme)  

2.15pm       Melody Fair

3.15pm       Spotlight

3.30pm       Intermezzo

4.00pm       Memory Lane

4.30pm       Tea Time Tunes

5.00pm       Music Bound

6.00pm       Scene at Six

6.30pm       The World Tomorrow (sponsored American                                                        religious programme)

7.00pm       Country Style

7.30pm       From Me To You

8.00pm       Dinner at Eight

8.30pm       Continental Cabaret

9.00pm       Serenade

11.55pm     Thoughts at Midnight

12 midnight Closedown

News bulletins were broadcast at 9.00am, 1.00pm, 5.00pm and 9.00pm daily

Radio 390 Programme Schedule, 1965

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Radio 390 Programme Schedule, May1967

Information about the Dr Paul series aired on Radio 390

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