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Radio 390 - Technical


10.5Kw RCA BTA 10J  transmitter

Aerial Height

A 150' (45.72m) aerial mast erected on one of the towers which was 80’ (24.38m) above sea level, giving an aerial height above sea level of over 230' (70.1m)

Radio 390 studio

Above and left: views of the Radio 390 studio on Red Sands Fort

Radio 390 transmitter

Right: the 150’ (45.72m) aerial mast used by Radio 390

Below: the Radio 390 RCA medium wave transmitter (left) and the ex Radio Syd Siemens transmitter intended for use on the planned FM service which never materialised.


Two air conditioned studios were custom-built, to a design used at that time by the New Zealand Broadcasting Corporation.

Each studio had:-

 2 x Garrard 301 turntables

1 x Fi-cord/Calrec microphone

1 x  7 channel Lee and Doughty audio console

2 x Ferrograph Mk3  tape decks

2 x  Spotmaster cartridge players for commercials

A purpose built Lee and Doughty mixer unit

Brian Cullingford on air

Photos: Bob le Roi

QSL Card

Radio station engineering departments issue QSL cards to verify reception reports received from listeners

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