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Doctor Paul

Doctor Paul was a radio drama serial set in a hospital and centred around the life of Dr Paul Lowe, his family and the citizens of Stanton, the fictional town in which they live and where Dr Paul is in charge of the Miles Memorial Hospital.

The soap opera was billed as "radio's wonderful story of adult love". Dr Paul first appeared in America on NBC from 1940 to 1945 and it was revived briefly in 1953, syndicated by RCA. For fifteen minutes every Monday - Friday, listeners tuned in to hear the drama unfold as Dr. Paul worked to save people while his wife schemed, and the woman who loved the doctor from afar tried to capture his affections.

The serial was originally sponsored by Dutch Mill Cheese and at the end of each episode the announcer, Jack Moyles, provided 'delicious and nutritious' recipes for the housewife listening at home.

The RCA syndicated series was sponsored by Sno-Drift Shortening and Wesson Oil.

An Australian adaptation of the serial (the one transmitted in the UK by Radio 390)  was broadcast by 2UW on Mondays - Thursdays between 1949 and 1971 (a total of 4634 episodes), sponsored by Lever Brothers.


Dr Paul Lane - John Bushelle, Alastair Duncan, John Saul

Virginia Martin - Dinah Shearing, Lynne Murphy, Margaret Christensen

Elizabeth Lane - Laurel Mather, Neva Carr-Glynn

Ricky Scanlon - Michael Plant

Dr John Cabot - Alan White

Vicki Cabot - Pat Barrington

Leota - Amber Mae Cecil

Molly (Dr Paul’s housekeeper) - Brigit Lenihan

Producers - Reg Johnston, Therese Desmond , Hilda Scurr, Eden Rutter

Scriptwriters - Judy Johnstone, Kathleen Carroll, Creswick Jenkinson

Production  Scriptwriter -  Richard Lane  

Narrator - Ron Roberts

A short video history of the Dr Paul serial

A number of episodes are also available here

Back row (l - r)  Alan White (Dr John Cabot), Pat Barrington (Vicki Cabot), Neva Carr-Glynn (Elizabeth Lane), Dinah Shearing (Virginia Martin), Ron Roberts (Narrator)

Front row (l - r) Michael Plant (Ricky Scanlon), John Saul (Dr Paul Lane), Reg Johnston (Producer)

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