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KING Radio - Programmes

Typical KING Radio Programme Schedule

7.00am       Rise and Shine

8.00am       Mike and Mandy's Breakfast Show

9.00am       Country Style

9.30am       South of the Border (Latin American) - Weekdays    

       All That Jazz - Saturday       

       Concert Hall - Sunday

10.00am     Mail Beat (Dedications)

11.00am     Music from the Shows

11.30am     Our Kinda Folk (Folk Music)

12 noon      Lunchbox

2.00pm       Melody Hour

3.00pm       Memory Lane

3.30pm       Lucky Numbers

4.30pm       Stateside 65

5.00pm       Up and Coming (new releases)

6.00pm       Raven Around (Rhythm and Blues) -  Mike Raven

7.00pm       Closedown

End of Breakfast Show (Roger Gomez) and start of ‘ Meet Mike and Mandy’

KING Radio Roger Gomez, Mike and Mandy Raven.mp3 A-Z Programme Index

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