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KING Radio - Key Dates

** February 1965

A group of other Kent businessmen decide to take over what remained of Radio Invicta

25th February 1965

Test transmissions start for a new station, KING Radio

24th March 1965

Regular programmes start from KING Radio

Summer 1965

KING Radio Directors commission consultants Allbeury Coombes and Partners to devise a new format and business strategy for the station. On adoption of the recommendations preparations were made for the launch of easy listening (‘sweet music’) format Radio 390

22nd September 1965

KING Radio closed, but listeners were asked to re-tune to Radio 390


15th February 1965 Canada replaced the Union Jack flag with the Maple Leaf design.

23rd March 1965 America's first two-person space flight - Gemini 3 - with astronauts Virgil I. Grissom and John W. Young aboard..

22nd September 1965

Pakistan agreed to a UN brokered cease-fire with India in war over Kashmir.

Test transmission for KING Radio, February 1965

KING Radio  test transmissions.mp3

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