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Mebo off Libya - Technical


2 x medium wave (AM) transmitters-

Continental Electronics 10Kw

(ex-Radio Veronica)

RCA  BTH 100B 100Kw

2 x Shortwave transmitters -

RCA BHF 10B 10.5kW (used for 31m band shortwave transmissions)

Brown Boveri Corporation 10.5kW (used on 49m band shortwave transmissions)

1 x FM transmitter

Rhode and Schwartz 1.2kW  FM


The aerial mast was 170’ (52m) high

The aerial system was modified from the RNI days to allow up to four separate transmitters to run simultaneously without interference to eachother.

AM aerial - vertical Marconi

SW aerials - inverted V



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QSL Card

Radio station engineering departments issue QSL cards to verify reception reports received from listeners

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Key Dates

Ship and Location



Ship and Location Key Dates Staff History

Courtesy Hans Knot

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Entries from the World Radio and TV Handbook 1978 (top) and 1980 (bottom) showing the frequencies used by SPLABJBC , including those from the former Mebo ships.

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