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Mebo off Libya - Key Dates



15th January 1978

Mebo II sailed from Benghazi Harbour.

19th January 1978

The radio ship arrived off Tripoli once again and broadcasts, consisting of a relay of the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriyah Broadcasting Corporation (SPLAJBC) in English, were made

5th April 1978

The Mebo II and the Angela became the official property of the Libyan Government  and were re-named El Fatah and Almasira respectively.

11th June 1978

A foreign language service of the Libyan Broadcasting service SPLAJBC started from El Fatah (Mebo II).

end of June 1978

A new daily service, consisting of readings from the Holy Koran broadcast from El Fatah (Mebo II)

16th January 1977

Mebo II and Angela sail from Holland after years of prolonged legal cases.

9th February 1977  

Mebo II and Angela arrived off Tripoli.

14th February 1977

Both ships entered Tripoli Harbour.

February and March 1977

A number of test transmissions were made from Tripoli Harbour.

29th June 1977

Relays the  English language programmes of the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriyah Broadcasting Corporation (SPLAJBC) started from Mebo II.

8th August 1977

Mebo II and Angela sailed from Tripoli Harbour.

11th August 1977

Mebo II and Angela arrive first at Benghazi and finally at Derna Harbour

Transmissions under the call sign LBJ - Libyan Post-Revolution Broadcasting begin from Mebo II.

30th October 1977

Mebo II left Derna for a new anchorage off Benghazi


** June 1979

El Fatah was dry docked in Malta to be overhauled and re-painted.

** September 1979

El Fatah returned to Libya and recommenced transmissions of SPLAJBC.


** ** 1984

El Fatah towed into the Mediterranean and sunk as the result of being used as target practice by the Libyan Air Force. It is believed that the Almasira (former Mebo  and Angela) also suffered the same fate.

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