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Radio Gal - Key Dates

spring 1994

Radio Gal (Radio Waves) - (with the same DJs and programming format  as the recently closed Radio Hof) -took to the airwaves as a landbased pirate.


September 1995

Radio Gal moved to an offshore base, using two FM frequencies to broadcast separate programmes to the Tel Aviv area.


February 1996

Radio Gal  began to broadcast on a frequency used by rival offshore station, Arutz Sheva when that station was off the air.


20th April 1994 Israeli and PLO negotiators concluded an agreement transferring civilian government powers to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and Jericho.

8th September 1995 Bosnia’s warring sides reached a compromise, agreeing to divide the nation into two states: one for the rebel Serbs and another for the Muslims and Croats.

28th February 1996  Britain’s Princess Diana agreed to divorce Prince Charles.

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