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Oceaan VII

Former Name(s)

Scheveningen 333


Former Dutch Lugger


139’ (42.3m)


160 tons


1939 by A Vuijk and Zonen, Capelle, The Netherlands

Flag state(s)


Stations Housed

Radio 270

(4th June 1966 - 14th August 1967)

Ultimate fate


Oceaan VII Oceaan VII as Scheveningen 333 Oceaan VII as Scheveningen 333

Right: two views of the Oceaan VII in her days as Scheveningen 333

Photos: jingleweb.nl

Oceaan VII lying derelict Oceaan VII entering Whitby 1967

After Radio 270 closed in August 1967 Oceaan VII was sailed into Whitby Harbour, and put up for sale by a local firm of estate agents.

In 1968 the ship nearly became home to Radio Caroline after its two vessels had been seized by the tender company and towed to Amsterdam. However leaked reports in the press meant that this plan had to be abandoned.

Oceaan VII was eventually sold for scrap and broken up at Blyth, Northumberland, England


Above left : Oceaan VII entering Whitby Harbour after Radio 270 had closed, August 1967                (photo John Bunar)

Above right: Oceaan VII lying derelict in Whitby

The Oceaan VII was built in 1939  and was used by the Dutch fishing fleet of Scheveningen as Scheveningen 333.

During World War 2 the Germans captured the ship and used her as a transportation vessel. After the War the vessel was handed back to the Dutch fishing fleet where she continued to be used until 1964.

She was a sister ship of Radio Delmare's Aegir II, of the ill-fated broadcasting vessel Morgenster and of the Dolfijn (used as a tender ship in the seventies).

In 1965 the vessel was purchased in Holland by the backers of Radio 270 and re-registered as the Oceaan VII in Puerto Rico, Honduras.

The engines were overhauled then the ship sailed to Guernsey where the aluminium mast was erected before continuing to a position off the North East coast of England to launch Radio 270.


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