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10th October 1959

Pan American Airways begins offering regular jet-powered commercial flights.

9th December  1960 First episode of soap opera, Coronation Street, screened in Britain by Granada Television.

1st March  1961

Britain grants internal self-government to its colony in Uganda

4th December 1961 The birth control pill was introduced  in Britain, but only given to married women until 1967.

1st June 1962  

Lee Harvey Oswald, his Russian wife and daughter, leave the Soviet Union for the United States.  (Almost 18 months later he assassinated President John F Kennedy in Dallas).

Radio Nord - Key Dates





** November 1959

First news leaks about planned offshore radio station off Stockholm, Sweden

20th December 1960

Bon Jour leaves Copenhagen for her anchorage near Almagrundet Lighthouse off  Stockholm to broadcast Radio Nord

23rd December 1960

Bon Jour anchors in wrong position, equipment and ship damaged

25th December 1960

Crew abandon Bon Jour

27th December 1960

Bon Jour towed into Sandhamn for repairs, but later moved to Abo, Finland amid fears of being impounded by Swedish authorities.

21st February 1961

Bon Jour, now repaired, sets sail for anchorage off Stockholm, but forced to return to port again for further repairs

1st March 1961

Bon Jour anchors off Stockholm and begins test transmissions for Radio Nord

8th March 1961

Radio Nord starts official broadcasts

5th May 1961

Swedish State Radio introduces popular music programme Melodi Radio to rival Radio Nord

6th December 1961

Radio Nord ship (now renamed Magda Maria) drags anchor and runs adrift, eventually enters Sandhamn for repairs. Radio Nord off the air when the ship enters Swedish territorial waters

8th December 1961

Magda Maria returns to her anchorage after repair and Radio Nord  is back on the air

** June 1962

FM transmitter installed on Radio Nord ship for planned easy listening station. Plans for joint television service with Danish offshore station Radio  Mercur.

30th June 1962

Radio Nord closes at midnight, one month ahead of the introduction of  legislation to outlaw offshore radio.

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