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Radio Caroline - Key Dates

13th February 1964

Fredericia sails from Rotterdam, heading for Greenore in Ireland, to be fitted out as a radio ship

23rd March 1964

Fredericia (now fully fitted out and  re-named  M V Caroline)  sails from Greenore

27th March 1964

(Good Friday)

Caroline reached her destination and dropped anchor three and a half miles off Harwich, Essex.  First test transmissions take place at 11.55pm.

28th March 1964 (Easter Saturday)

Regular programmes for Radio Caroline start at 12 noon

7th April 1964

Panamanian authorities withdraw  official registration for M V Caroline. The Caroline relocates to a position off Felixstowe.

1st May 1964

The first commercial was aired on Radio  Caroline - for Woburn Abbey

6th May 1964

The Royal Navy vessel HMS Venturous came alongside the MV Caroline and requested permission to board the ship to inspect her bonded stores. Permission refused by the Captain of MV Caroline.

13th May 1964

A committee of the Council of Europe adopted a draft agreement to outlaw offshore broadcasting.

2nd July 1964

Announcement of a merger with rival station, Radio Atlanta

3rd July 1964

Radio Caroline South on air at 6.00am from the former Radio Atlanta ship, Mi Amigo


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Radio Caroline opening at 12 noon on 28th March 1964

Radio Caroline 1964 - Opening Easter 1964.mp3