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Britain Radio - Staff

John Aston

John Ross Barnard

Gordon Bennett

Errol Bruce

Woolf Byrne

Tom Cooper

Jack Curtiss

Johnny Dark

Ted Delaney

Graham Gill

Sheldon Jay

Martin Kayne

Tony Monson

Ed Moreno

Mark Sloane

Radio England DJs also broadcast on Britain Radio

Marine Crew Technical/Engineering Management/Administration/   Sales On-air staff

Ted Allbeury (Managing Director) (from February 1967)

Jack Curtiss (Project Co-ordinator and General Manager)(May 1966 - February 1967)

Don Pierson (Project Overseer)

Bill Vick (Managing Director)  (May 1966- February 1967

Captain Julio Alonzo

Graham Gill

Ed Moreno

Jack Curtiss

John Aston

Mark Sloane

Martin Kayne

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