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Britain Radio - Key Dates

20th April 1966

A press conference in London announces the launch of the most ambitious offshore radio project so far, with two separate stations based on the same ship.

3rd May 1966

Test transmissions start for the two new stations – Britain Radio England and Radio England

16th June 1966

Regular programmes start from Britain Radio (and Radio England)

29th September 1966

Britain Radio transmits the first political advertisement on a British offshore radio station


** February 1967

Ted Allbeury (formerly Managing Director of Radio 390) joined Britain Radio as Managing Director

22nd February 1967

The Laissez Faire's aerial mast was damaged after the vessel became caught in early spring tides and a Force 9 gale, putting Britain Radio off the air

7th March 1967

The Captain was instructed to raise the radio ship's anchor and take the vessel to the Wijsmuller ship yard at Zaandam, near Amsterdam for repair.

14th March 1967

Pier Vick Ltd., the managing company behind Britain Radio (and the former Radio England) went into voluntary liquidation.

15th March 1967

Managing Director of Britain Radio, Ted Allbeury, who had recently formed Carstead Advertising Ltd., immediately entered into negotiations with the Receiver to take over operation of the twin stations on the Laissez Faire. Plans for Britain Radio to be relaunched as Radio 355.


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Test transmissions for Britain Radio (and Radio England)

Radio England and Britain Radio testing on 355m.mp3