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Tower Radio/Radio Tower - Key Dates

** October 1965

Ambitious plans to use Sunk Head Fort as a base for radio and television broadcasts announced by Colchester businessmen

13th October 1965

Tower Radio board and take over Sunk Head Fort

22nd October 1965

Test transmissions for Tower Radio started

9th November 1965

Claims made that test transmissions for Tower TV had taken place during the early hours

29th November 1965

The station’s aerial was damaged

2nd December 1965

Emergency supplies of  water, food and oil delivered  to Sunk Head by a local tug

20th December 1965

Test transmissions for Tower Radio ceased abruptly


5th March 1966

Test transmissions began again from the Sunk Head Fort, this time the station was calling itself Radio Tower

April 1966

Occasional tests continue for Radio Tower, but the promised regular programming never starts

28th April 1966

Radio Tower staff abandon Sunk Head Fort

** June 1966

Vision Projects admit that due to repeated technical problems and failure to attract advertising the project had ended


8th October 1965  London's Post Office Tower opened as the tallest building in England.

9th November 1965 A major power failure hit the east coast of the USA and Canada.

22nd December 1965

70mph speed limit introduced  for drivers on motorways in Britain,

4th March 1966  John Lennon  says, "We [The Beatles] are more popular than Jesus."

16th April 1966  Rhodesian PM Ian Smith broke diplomatic relations with Britain.

Tower Radio test transmission, October 1965

Tower Radio test transmission.mp3

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