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Tower Radio/Radio Tower - Technical


A former Canadian Army Wireless set 52, designed and built by Canadian Marconi.

Only ever achieved an output of about 250 watts

Aerial Height

Initial tests used a Helium filled Barrage Balloon, this broke free, then a Kite was used, but this was lost. An aerial array was then constructed on top of the Fort’s Radar House

Chris Gosling in Radio Towr studio Radio Tower studio

Above: The Tower Radio/Radio Tower studio

Right: Chris Gosling in the Radio Tower studio

Aerial array on Sunk Head Fort Radio Tower transmitter

Top Right: the Tower Radio/Radio Tower transmitter

Bottom Right: The aerial array constructed on Sunk Head Fort


Equipment included Collaro decks, a crystal microphone,  a home-built mixer and amplifiers, later a Garrard LAB 80  deck was added together with a tape machine

Photos: Bob le Roi

QSL Card

Radio station engineering departments issue QSL cards to verify reception reports received from listeners

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