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Radio Delmare - Key Dates                                          


** April 1979

Gerard van Dam leased the Martina for use by Radio Delmare

29th April 1979

The Martina (now known unofficially as Aegir II) anchors in the same position as the former Radio Delmare ship, Aegir

2nd June 1979

Non-stop music and Radio Delmare jingles broadcast on 192m  

12th June 1979

After 10 days of tests a regular programme schedule had developed

12th August 1979

Announcements made that the DJs had 'taken over' the station because they were dissatisfied with the way Gerard van Dam was running the operation

12th September 1979

An International Service was introduced from 6.00pm

28th September 1979

The station's signal faded out during the evening and Radio Delmare was never heard again


23rd June 1978

Dutch Police and PTT officials seize transmitters, records, tapes and studio equipment from on board a coaster, Aegir, in Scheveningen Harbour

26th June 1978

Aegir slips out of Scheveningen Harbour, anchoring at sea near the former REM Island (home of Radio Noordzee/TV Noordzee)

28th June 1978

Aegir  enters the port of Maasluis, near Rotterdam, and over the next few weeks was moved to various locations where more broadcasting  equipment was installed

late August 1978

Aegir anchored near the Dutch/Belgian border off Cadzand

21st August 1978

Test broadcasts start under the call sign Radio Delmare at midday

7th September 1978

Official programmes from Radio Delmare begin at 7.00am

10/11th September 1978

Aegir drifts after breaking from her anchor in Force 9 gales. A salvage tug tows the radio ship to Maasluis, near Rotterdam where she was chained up and the transmitting equipment seized.

25th  June 1978 Argentina host the soccer World Cup in Buenos Aires.

27th June 1978 Soyuz 30 carried 2 cosmonauts (1 Polish) to the Salyut 6 space station.

22nd August 1978

In Kenya President Jomo Kenyatta, a leading figure in Kenya's struggle for independence, died aged 83.

6th September 1978 Bulgarian defector Georgi Markov was stabbed in the leg in London by a man carrying an umbrella, he died four days later.

11th April 1979

Idi Amin was deposed as President of Uganda, he escaped to Libya and settled into exile in Saudi Arabia.

18th June 1979

US President Carter and Soviet President Leonid Brezhnev signed the SALT II strategic arms limitation treaty.

29th  September 1979

John Paul II became the first Pope to visit Ireland.

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