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The first support organisation in the Netherlands was established in 1964 when the  "Vereniging Voor Vrije Radio en TV" — the Society For Free Radio and Television - (VVRT) was formed. Based in Bussum, its Chairman was a Mr Cobet.

Membership cost 1 Dutch Guilder, although members were encouraged to donate more and those who introduced at least 5 additional members became known as ‘Real Members’  Free stickers ( showing a drawing of Radio Noordzee/TV Noordzee’s base,  REM Island) were also produced and distributed to members.

The VVRT asked its members to send a letter of protest to the Dutch government against its plans to introduce a law, banning Radio and TV Noordzee transmitting from the REM Island, off the Noordwijk Coast.

However, the Dutch authorities succeeded in closing Radio and TV Noordzee in December 1964 and, from early 1965 when the last issue of the VVRT Bulletin (number 7) was published nothing more was heard of the VVRT.

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Supporters Groups

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