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Capital Radio - Key Dates




24th May 1971

IBS declared bankrupt

** December 1969

International Broadcasters Society (IBS) arranges sufficient finance to launch an offshore radio project

** February 1970

Zeevaart, was purchased (renamed King David) and conversion work begins

 25th April 1970

King David leaves IJmuiden Harbour, but is forced to return to port when the aerial  system is damaged

1st May 1970

King David leaves port after repairs and a short  test broadcast is made to prove that the theoretical aerial system works

13th June 1970

Official test transmissions start

 ** June 1970

King David forced to return to port for further repairs to the aerial system

14th July 1970

Test transmissions resume using a new, strengthened aerial but further technical problems force the station off air.

** August 1970

Test transmissions resume again

 1st September 1970

Regular programmes start at 8.00am

 9th September 1970

Capital Radio put off the air when an insulator explodes and the King  David is forced to return to port

 8th October 1979

King David leaves harbour after repairs, but forced to return after a few hours when yet again part of the ring aerial system collapsed

10th October 1970

Transmissions of Capital Radio recommenced

10th November 1970

The  King David’s anchor chain snaps and she drifts, running ashore at Noordwijk

13th November 1970

King David pulled from Noordwijk beach and towed into IJmuiden Harbour

26th November 1970

King David arrested and impounded until salvage fees have been paid

16th December 1969  

The British House of Commons votes to abolish the death penalty.

30th April 1970  

US President Nixon announces a joint US-Saigon offensive into Cambodia.

11th June 1970 Palestinian guerrillas and Jordan's army signed a truce after week of heavy clashes in Jordan.

30th June 1970  

US President Nixon announces the withdrawal of US troops from Cambodia,

6th-14th September 1970  

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine hijack five airliners.

9th November 1970 Former French President Charles De Gaulle dies aged 79.

3rd  May 1971

James Earl Ray, Martin Luther King's assassin was caught in a jail break attempt in Tennessee.

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