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Former Name(s)

Always known as Tiri


Wooden hulled coaster


90’ (27.4m)


169 tons


1931 by GT Nicol in Auckland, New Zealand

Flag state(s)

New Zealand

Stations Housed

Radio Hauraki

(21st November 1966 - 27th January 1968)

Ultimate fate

Ran aground at Whangaparapara, January 1968. Laid up at Limestone Island, Whangarei as an abandoned hulk

Tiri aground

Right and far right: Tiri after running aground at Whangaparapara, January 1968

Tiri aground Tiri in Auckland after being stripped of radio equipment Tiri abandoned

Above left: Tiri in Auckland harbour being stripped of all broadcasting equipment

Above right: Tiri abandoned at Limestone Island, Whangarei


Photo: jingleweb.nl

After running aground in January 1968 there were several unsuccessful attempts to pull Tiri clear of the rocks. She did not break up, but took in five feet of water and, although all the studio equipment was intact, the transmitter had salt water and diesel fuel damage  - but was considered repairable.

On 28th January, the Tiri was inspected and found to have major damage to the port side and possible damage to the starboard side. The ship was taken over by the insurers after which she was patched up, and the water pumped out.

On 29th January 1968  the tug Sea Toiler pulled the Tiri off the rocks and towed her to Gibbs Landing, Shoal Bay.  The Tiri was later towed to Auckland and greeted by a crowd of about three-hundred people.

A thorough inspection revealed that one side of the Tiri was badly damaged, but otherwise she was sound. However, the cost of repairs exceeded the insurance value of the ship, but the insurance did cover the cost of buying a new vessel. All broadcasting equipment was stripped from Tiri and she was eventually abandoned on Limestone Island.


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Thanks to Martin van der Ven for allowing us to use some additional information from the Broadcasting Fleet section of the Offshore Radio Guide  in this Gallery

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