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  The Sweet Sound of Radio 390

    The unique selling point of Radio 390 was its substantially different format - ‘sweet music’ (what     today may be termed ‘smooth’ or ‘easy listening’).

    Programmes were presented by ‘announcers’ and were generally of a shorter duration than     those of the other contemporary British offshore stations whose format was built around the     Top 40, with personality DJs presenting 3 hour shows. A typical Radio 390 programme schedule     for 1966 shows just what this format was like in practice :-

    For a taste of the programmes listeners to Radio 390 enjoyed click on these short extracts -

Click image  to enlarge

Evening Serenade

Alan West

R390 Evening Serenade - Alan West.mp3

Stateside Special

Edward Cole

R390 Stateside Special Edward Cole.mp3

Dinner at 8

Christopher Clark

R 390 Dinner at 8 Christopher Clark.mp3

Swing Session

David Sinclair

R390 Swing Session David Sinclair.mp3


Graham Gill

R390 Lunchbreak Graham Gill.mp3

Masters of the Organ

Paul Beresford

R 390 Masters of the Organ Paul Beresford.mp3

The Russ Conway Show

Edward Cole

R390 Edward Cole - Russ Conway Show.mp3

On the Scene

Christopher Clark

R 390 On The Scene - Christopher Clark.mp3

Keyboard Cavalcade

Edward Cole

R390 Keyboard Calvalcade Edward Cole.mp3

Radio 390 commercial - Silexine paint.mp3

R390 Commercial - Safeway Supermarkets.mp3

Short extracts from some morning programmes - Morning Melody, Spotlight, Marie Simmone Hour, Masters of the Organ

R390 Morning programmes Wolf Byrne, Christopher Clark, Edward Cole.mp3

R 390 commercial - Richet Hair Lacquer.mp3 SWEET  SUCCESS

Tea Time Tunes

Jonathon Hall

R390 Tea Time Tunes Jonathon Hall.mp3

Music Bound

David Allen

R390 Music Bound David Allen.mp3



R390 Intermezzo Lee Gilbert.mp3

Memory Lane

Edward Cole

R390 Memory Lane Edward Cole.mp3

R 390 commercial - Warners Holidays.mp3

R 390 commercial Avis.mp3

R 390 commercial - Lowland Bulb Company.mp3 special exhibition


About Radio 390

Ted Allbeury

The Legal Fight

The Sweet Sound of Radio 390


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