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City TV

Radio City’s owner, Reg Calvert,  made plans to launch a second station in April 1965 when he tried to purchase an ex-supply boat from the Royal Navy. At first he planned to anchor this vessel in the Bristol Channel and use it as a base from which to beam radio programmes (Radio City West) to the west of England, Wales and the south Midlands.

However, the project did not materialise and at the end of May 1965 plans were announced to launch City TV -  to be broadcast from an ex-Naval minesweeper. The plans for City TV were made after the British Government announced that it intended to ban all cigarette advertising on television from 1st August.

Initial capital for City TV was sourced from America  and it was hoped that sufficient advertising support would be forthcoming - in particular from tobacco companies after the introduction of the Government’s cigarette advertising ban.

It was announced that 'top quality' films and news bulletins would be broadcast on Channel 3 (then used by BBC Wales), although  many television receivers in the City TV target area of south east England would not have been equipped to receive  that particular channel.

After the initial announcement of plans for City TV nothing more was heard of the project.

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Television Mail

4th June 1965

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Daily Mirror

1st June 1965