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We Love Pirate Radio - 60’s Favourites

Various artists

5 CD  box-set:    CD 1 - Tuning Into The Hits    CD 2 - Great Groups From a Golden Era    CD 3 - British Beat Boom    CD 4 - Rockin' The Boat    CD 5 - Pop Go The Pirates

A Revolution in British broadcasting occurred during the mid-1960's, the effects of which are still being felt . From the Easter weekend of 1964 through to the late summer of 1967, Britain's airwaves were invaded by pirate radio stations broadcasting in what were technically international waters, three miles off the UK coast. It was what they broadcast that made the pirate radio stations so novel, so challenging and ultimately so influential.

For the first time ever in the UK, these stations put out a daily diet of pop records and disc jockey chat based on American Top 40 radio and aimed at an audience largely ignored by the BBC - teenagers. To a teenage population reared on staid and respectable BBC Light programme shows like 'Music While You Work', 'Family Favourites' and 'Housewives Choice', pirate radio was like manna from heaven. For just over three years it provided non stop soundtrack to the swinging 60s and gave the British pop scene a massive and enduring boost. In WE LOVE PIRATE RADIO we pay tribute to these pop radio pioneers.......

101 Pirate Radio Hits

Various artists

101-track 4-CD album set

Radio Caroline started transmissions in 1964 from a ship anchored in international waters off the coast of Essex. Although one of a number of offshore radio stations off the British coast it was the first such station to broadcast all day using the English language. This together with the station's tenacity in surviving for 50 years has established Radio Caroline as a household name for offshore radio.

101 Pirate Radio Hits comprises an era-defining collection of music from the pirate radio airwaves of the 60s!

The Boat that Rocked - Soundtrack

Various artists

2 CD set

Bringing together some of Richard Curtis’ favourite songs, many of which have never been cleared for soundtrack usage before, the soundtrack to The Boat That Rocked is truly integral to the movie. It features some of the greatest songs from the 60’s and 70’s, as well as the odd gem from the 80’s (David Bowie’s "Let’s Dance"). A new version of "Stay With Me Baby" performed by Duffy, meanwhile, provides the backdrop to one of the film’s most poignant moments.


There have been many CDs released with relevance to offshore radio - these ones are pure nostalgia for the music played by many of the stations, particularly in the 1960’s. Just browse these selected titles and click on the Amazon link to make your purchase.

Purchasing  from Amazon by clicking on any of these links will help support the work of the Museum to record and preserve the history of offshore radio  - thank you.


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