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Typical Radio 819 Programme Schedule -

June 1989

5.00am    Get Up with 819 (live)

6.30am    Johaan Maasbach (sponsored religious programme) 7.00am    De Morgenstand heeft Muziek in de Mond (live)

9.00am    From Breakfast 'till Coffee Time (Ellie van Amstel)                 (taped)

11.00am  Coffee Time (Krijn Torringa) (taped)

12 noon   Ria Valk (sponsored)

12.20pm  A Slice of Bread and Ross (live)

2.00pm    The Sound Barrier  (Erwin van der Bliek) (taped)

4.00pm    Midday Express (Jan Veldkamp) (taped)

5.00pm    Heading into the Wind (live)

7.00pm    Closedown

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