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Laser 558 - Programmes

Laser 558’s First  Programme Schedule -

May 1984

5.00am         Rick Harris

10.00am       David Lee Stone

3.00pm         Jessie Brandon

8.00pm         Steve Masters

1.00am         Closedown

Typical Laser 558 Programme Schedule -

October 1984

5.00am         Ric Harris

9.00am         Dave Chaney

1.00pm         Dave Lee Stone

5.00pm         Jessie Brandon

9.00pm         Charlie Wolf

1.00am         Closedown   (Sometimes closedown on Fridays                      and Saturdays  was extended with a programme                      called "Mariners Hour"  during which all members                      of the Communicator's crew  appeared on air)

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Typical Laser 558 Programme Schedule -

September 1985

6.00am         Jonell

10.30am       Tommy Rivers

3.00pm        Chris Carson

7.30pm        Charlie Wolf

12 midnight  Closedown