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Laser 558 - Technical


2 x 25Kw CSI transmitters with a combiner unit

1 x CRL Mk 4 Audio Processor

(Originally used a power of 5Kw, later increased to 22Kw)

Aerial Heights

Helium balloon aerials at a height of 350’ (January 1984)

A temporary 'T' aerial, consisting of six strands of wire strung between the Communicator's front and aft masts (February 1984)

Aerial mast sections were erected on board the ship during the Easter weekend (April) of 1984.(A height of 230’ (70m). The front mast collapsed in February 1985 and again in April 1985 and had to be re-built.

Production studio Main studio

Top: the main studio on board the Communicator

Bottom: the Production studio

Communicator transmitter room

Above: The transmitter room on board the  Communicator


Production Studio

2 x Technics SP15 turntables

2 x Otari 5050B turntables

Control panel/mixing console (a modified Audio Technics 12 channel stereo board)

2 x cartridge machines

2 x Audio Technics cassette recorders

2 x microphones

On air Studio

Control panel/mixing console

1 x Otari open reel tape machine

2 x cartridge machines

1 x Revox turntable

1 x cassette recorder

QSL Card

Radio station engineering departments issue QSL cards to verify reception reports received from listeners

(Note the Radio Caroline ship, Ross Revenge, in the background to the right of the Communicator’s bow)

Left: The front aerial array on board the Communicator

Photo: Bob le Roi

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