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Radio 270 - Programmes

Typical Radio 270 Programme Schedule (1966)

Radio 270 operated alternative schedules to account for DJ's shore leave:-

                          Schedule A                               Schedule B

6.30am       Leon Tippler Breakfast Show  Paul Burnett Breakfast                                                                     Show

9.00am       Dennis the Menace Show       Roger Keene Show

12noon       The Neddy Noel Show             Boots Bowman Show

2.00pm       Dennis the Menace Show       Roger Keene Show

4.00pm       Neddy Noel Show                    Boots Bowman Show

7.00pm       Hal Yorke Show                       Paul Burnett Show

9.00pm       Andy Kirk Show                        Alex Dee Show

12midnight The Midnight Hour                    The Midnight Hour

1.00am Closedown                                     Closedown

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Radio 270’s original programme schedule

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