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Voice of America - Key Dates


April 1951

Plans for a series of shipborne radio stations to broadcast Voice of America programmes were first announced by the US Department of State.

late 1951

A former merchant ship, Coastal Messenger was transferred to the control of the Department of State, renamed Courier and fitted out as a floating radio station.


15th February 1952  

Courier was commissioned into the US Coastguard Service

4th March 1952

President Harry S. Truman visited the Courier when she docked in Washington, D.C. and used the occasion to broadcast a major policy speech beamed at Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union

18th April 1952

Test transmissions from the Courier take place in the Panama Canal Zone, using the call sign KU2XAJ

22nd August 1952

The Courier arrived in the Mediterranean and anchored off the Greek Island of Rhodes.

7th September 1952

Broadcasts of the Voice of America - Seabase Radio Station Dodecanese Islands - start from the Courier


May 1964

Broadcasting  from the Courier ends when the Voice of America operation is transferred to a landbased transmitter in Rhodes.

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