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Radio Noordzee - Key Dates




4/5th June 1964

Construction of REM Island completed off  Noordwijk

19th July 1964

Test transmissions start for Radio Noordzee

23rd July 1964

After an opening announcement in English, regular broadcasts for Radio Noordzee started in Dutch.

12th August 1964

Test transmissions begin for TV Noordzee

1st September  1964

Regular programmes begin from TV Noordzee

17th September 1964

The Dutch Parliament decides to introduce legislation which would bring  the artificial REM island within Dutch territorial limits

1st December 1964

Legislation to outlaw the REM Island passed by Dutch Parliament

12th December 1964

New legislation comes into effect

14th December 1964

TV Noordzee ceases transmissions

17th December 1964

Dutch authorities board the REM Island and forcibly close Radio Noordzee


2nd June 1964

The Rolling Stones made their US concert tour debut in Massachusetts.

31st July 1964

The American space probe Ranger 7 transmitted pictures of the moon's surface.

10th September 1964

Palestinian Liberation Army (PLA) formed.

12th December 1964

Kenya formally became a republic.

15th December 1964

Canada approves dropping the "Red Ensign" flag in favour of a new design.

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