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Arutz Sheva - Key Dates (2)


31st July 1995

In what was becoming an increasing campaign against the station by the authorities  Israeli police, acting on a complaint from the Communications Ministry, raided the Hatzvi while the vessel was in Ashdod taking on supplies. The transmitters and other broadcasting equipment were removed and seized.

7th August 1995

Just a few days after the raid, Arutz Sheva was able to return to the air, as a result of sufficient donations being made by supporters to enable the purchase of new AM and FM transmitters.


January 1996

The station added a third FM outlet providing  a daytime service for Russian immigrants.

end of May 1996

Arutz Sheva announced on air, that the Hatzvi would enter Ashdod over the two day Shavuot holiday weekend, but the station became aware of another planned raid by the authorities and to avoid the possibility of having its broadcasting equipment confiscated again, the radio ship remained at sea.



1st November 1997

The Israel state radio pop station, Reshet Gimmel, changed its format to Hebew music only to compete with the ever increasing popularity of Arutz Sheva.



February 1999

The Knesset passed a law legalising the operation of Arutz Sheva and absolving it of earlier illegal broadcasting, but this was appealed to the Israeli Supreme Court.


30th July 1995 Russia and Chechen rebels signed an agreement calling for a gradual withdrawal of Russian troops and the disarmament of rebel fighters.

14th January 1996 Several thousand government, Serb and Croat troops withdrew from their positions across central and northeastern Bosnia, beating a deadline to create buffer zones.

1st November 1997 Iraq announced that American weapons inspectors working with the UN would not be allowed to resume work.

1st February 1999 The Morse code SOS was officially retired and replaced by the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

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