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Arutz 2000 - Key Dates (2)

22nd February 1997

Arutz 2000 closed down from its offshore base due to severe weather conditions

28th February 1997

Arutz 2000 returned, but from a landbased studio and transmitter site.

October 1997

The station’s backers were trying to find a buyer for the King David, which was still at sea, however no purchaser was found and the ship remained at anchor, but inside Israeli territorial waters off the coast of Jaffa port.



December 1999

It was reported that the King David’s owners planned to scuttle the ship although this would have been against the law in the shallow waters where the vessel was anchored.


5th January 2000

The King David ran aground on Tel Baruch beach, near Tel Aviv, in heavy storms.

28th August 2000

After remaining abandoned on the beach for several months, and becoming a danger to the public,  the King David was towed out to sea by  Israeli authorities and sunk.

23rd February 1997 China’s legislature voted to dilute Hong Kong’s civil liberties laws.

1st October 1997 Israel  PM Netanyahu freed Sheik Ahmed Yassin  the founder and spiritual leader of Hamas.

30th December 1999

Former Beatle George Harrison was stabbed in his home by a mentally ill former heroin addict.

4th  January 2000  Israel and Palestine agreed on an Israeli troop pullback and the transfer of an additional 5% of West Bank land.

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