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Radio Hof - Key Dates

** August 1993

Radio Hof began broadcasts


7th March 1994

The Radio Hof ship broke her anchor chain during storms in the Mediterranean and drifted  ashore off Herzlia.

early April 1994

Unable to continue operating from its offshore base the station moved ashore and became one of the many landbased pirates then operating in Israel. Shortly afterwards, however, Radio Hof was raided and closed by the authorities.


24th August 1993 NASA’s Mars Observer, which was supposed to map the surface of Mars, is declared lost.

8th  March  1994 The IRA launch the first of 3 mortar attacks on London's Heathrow Airport.

7th April 1994

Civil war erupted in Rwanda, after a mysterious plane crash claimed the lives of the Presidents of Rwanda and Burundi.

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