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Arutz 2000 (Channel 2000)


Rabbi Pinchas Cohen, Nissim Avigdor, Eli Miss(who later pulled out of the project) and Eli Weizman

A Mauritius based company named Blackbeard/Bluebeard owned the radio ship.

Opening Date

Early 1995 (as landbased pirate)

28th August 1996 Test broadcasts start from the King David at 3.00pm

20th October1996 More test broadcasts are made from the offshore base, but the signal strength was very weak.

17th December 1996 Regular broadcasts start from the King David, but the signal was still very weak.

Closing Date

29th August 1996 Test broadcasts from the King David stop suddenly at 5.00pm

22nd February 1997 Arutz 2000 closed down from its offshore base due to severe weather conditions, but continued to operate as a landbased pirate.

Broadcasting Hours


102.6 Mhz FM

101.8 mHz FM

(from late December 1995 for a few days only)

Landbased Address

c/o Kor Kitchen Equipment Co. based in Yaffo, Israel

King David

King David

Photo Mike Brand


Religious music aimed at the Sephardic Jewish community

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