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RXKR - Key Dates

16th and 30th July 1932

Initial reports of a planned offshore radio venture appeared in the International Radio News

3rd June 1933

RXKR started broadcasting

** June 1933

The US State Department requested that the Panamanian Government revoke both the broadcasting licence for RXKR and the registration of the station's vessel, City of Panama.  

Within a few days both the ship's registration and the radio station's licence had been withdrawn, but RXKR continued to broadcast.

** August 1933

The City of Panama was seized at sea by officials from the State Department and the US Coastguard Service who towed the vessel into Los Angeles harbour.



In other  N E W S

6th July 1932

In Portugal  Antonio de Oliveira Salazar becomes prime minister - he remained in power until 1968.

22nd June 1933 Germany became a one party country as Hitler banned political parties other than the Nazis.

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