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Laser Hot Hits - Technical


2 x 25Kw CSI transmitters with a combiner unit

1 x CRL Mk 4 Audio Processor

Aerial Height

230’ (70m) (collapsed January 1987)

After the collapse a new 80' aerial tower was constructed using some spare sections of the old lattice mast, which were still on board the ship from Laser 558 days. A 'T' aerial was then rigged from this tower to the remains of the original front mast

Production studio Main studio

Top: the main studio on board the Communicator

Bottom: the Production studio

Communicator transmitter room

Above: The transmitter room on board the Communicator


Production Studio

2 x Technics SP15 turntables

2 x Otari 5050B turntables

Control panel/mixing console (a modified Audio Technics 12 channel stereo board)

2 x cartridge machines

2 x Audio Technics cassette recorders

2 x microphones

On air Studio

Control panel/mixing console

1 x Otari open reel tape machine

2 x cartridge machines

1 x Revox turntable

1 x cassette recorder

QSL Card

Radio station engineering departments issue QSL cards to verify reception reports received from listeners

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