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Laser Hot Hits - Key Dates

21st April 1986

Frinton-on-Sea based East Anglian Productions purchased the MV Communicator from the Admiralty Marshal

September 1986

It was announced that the Communicator was about to be sold by East Anglian Productions to ' a buyer from Europe'.

20th October 1986

The Communicator dragged from her moorings in Harwich Harbour and, with her steering gear immobilised by the British Customs and Excise authorities, had to be brought under control by a tug, but not before she had collided with a ferry, which was also moored in the River Stour.

24th October 1986

Customs and Excise officials unexpectedly returned to the Communicator to replace the vessel's drive shaft bearings.

14th November 1986

The detention order on the Communicator was finally lifted by the Department of Transport

16th November 1986

The Communicator sailed to the Cork Anchorage, off Felixstowe.

20th November 1986

Department of Transport officials established that the Communicator was now close to her former anchorage about 10 miles from Walton-on-the-Naze, where the crew had rebuilt the aerial array which the British authorities had insisted be dismantled before the Communicator left Harwich.

1st December 1986

Test transmissions start from the Communicator for a new offshore radio station - Laser Hot Hits.

7th December 1986

Regular programmes start for Laser Hot Hits

15th December 1986

The station  closed because damage had been caused to the aerial during a Force 10 storm.

25th December 1986

Laser Hot Hits reappeared with programmes of non-stop music being played at various times

31st December 1986

The station once again went off the air without warning.


15th April 1986  

US President Reagan has ordered air strikes against Libya in retaliation for the Berlin discotheque bombing.

11th October 1986  In Reykjavik, Iceland, US President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev get close to an agreement on arms reduction, but the talks stall over Reagan's Star Wars plan.

25th November 1986  

The US Congress declared Iran a terrorist nation and outlawed the sale of arms to the Iranian government.

19th December 1986  

The Soviet Union's leading dissident, Andrei Sakharov, is given freedom to return to Moscow from Gorky.

29th December 1986

Former British Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan, died aged 92.

Test transmission reception report request, December 1986

LHH Tests 3.12.86 request for reception reports.mp3

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